November 7, 2023 State Referendum/ Annual Municipal Election & Voting Information


A State Referendum and the Town's Annual MunicipalElection will take place on Tuesday, November 7, 2023in which voters will have an opportunity to vote on People's Veto Referenda, Direct Initiatives of Legislation (i.e. Citizen Initiatives) Bond Issues, other referenda proposed by the Legislature, and Constitutional Amendments, as well asappointments to the ϲַ Town Council and ϲַ School Committee.

The State will have eight referendum questions on the ballot, which can be viewed .

The Town has two seats open on the Town Council, and three seats open for the three-year School Committee seat, and one seat open for a one-year School Committee seat.

You can request an absentee ballot by clicking . Your ballot will be mailed to you once we receive them in early October.

Helpful Website Links and FAQs

Voter Registration

Unenrolled voters can enroll in a party at any time, including Election Day, since the State of Maine offers Election Dayvoter registration.

Absentee Voting

Absentee ballot requests are now available. You can request an absentee ballot by calling the Clerks office or by clicking .Ballots will be mailed out the first week of October once the Town Clerk's Office receives them.

Absentee voting will be available in the Council Chambers at the ϲַ Municipal Center (75 South Street, Suite 1) during the business hours of 7am - 5pmbetween Monday, October 23 and Thursday, October 26, as well as between Monday, October 30 and Thursday, November 2.The last day to obtain an absentee ballot will be Thursday, November 2 at 5pm.

To be counted, absentee ballots must be returned to the Town Clerk's Office by 8pm on Election Day- November 7, 2023by you or an immediate family member.

For more general voting information, visithere. If you have further questions about absentee voting, please stop by the Town Clerk’s Office, call 222-1670, or clickherefor more information.