Ordinance Committee


In addition to those other powers which the Council may, from time to time assign to it, the Ordinance Committee, when requested by the Council, shall review proposed ordinances or amendments and make recommendations to the Council prior to final action.

Additional Information

The Ordinance Committee shall consist of three members of the Council. Said Ordinance Committee shall act by majority vote. The Council Chairman shall serve as an ex-officio member of said Committee, having no vote on the committee. The members of the Ordinance Committee shall be appointed annually by vote of the Council. The Chairman shall be elected by a majority vote of the Committee members.

Establishing Authority

Rules of the ϲַ Town Council, Section 4.2.

Membership Term

3 Members Annual

Meeting Information

When: On the fourth Tuesday or Thursday of the month.

Where: Conference Room A, ϲַ Municipal Center

Time: 10am

Board Members