Vital Records and Genealogy

Vital Records Requests

Vital records consist of birth, marriage and death records. The Clerk's office has on file the birth, marriage and death records of every ϲַ resident back to 1892. Prior to 1892 it was not enforced that these records be recorded but we do have a lot of the original records. In 1892 a State law was passed mandating the filing of these records with the Town Clerk in the town where the event took place and with the Town Clerk of residence of each involved party.

In an effort to protect citizens against identity theft, new laws regarding vital records went into effect on July 12, 2010. Only those persons named on a record can apply for a copy of a vital record. For example: mom, dad or child can obtain a birth record; bride, groom, parent or officiate can obtain a marriage record; and spouse, funeral home, informant, or parent can obtain a copy of a death record. A spouse (using a marriage certificate) or a registered partner (using a State of Maine registered partner certificate) can also obtain a certified copy of a vital record. A person showing direct lineage, may obtain a copy of a parent’s or grandparent’s record. All applicants must show photo identification or two substitute forms of identification when applying for a vital record.

The fee for certified copies of vital records is $15.00 for the first copy and $6.00 each for any additional copies obtained at the same time. When requesting a vital record by mail please be sure to include a copy of your photo identification or two substitute forms of identification. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT YOUR RECORD MAILED TO AND A PHONE NUMBER.

The fee to file a burial permit is $20.00.

To order a Vital Record on the State website click here:

Genealogist Researchers

Genealogists may obtain a researcher card from the Maine CDC at Office of Vital Records, #11 State House Station, 244 Water Street, Augusta, Maine 04333-0011. There is a $50.00 annual fee for the researcher card. Genealogists must now show this card to obtain information on vital records. Vital records become public records once they are 100 years old.

Records may be obtained in person or by mail with a notarized written request and a copy of your identification. Send us the name and date of the event, along with your check for the proper amount to: Town Clerk, 75 South Street, ϲַ, Maine 04038. We will send the copy out by return mail.

Many of our early records are on theweb site. Genealogical research can also be done in the Clerk’s office through the use of an index of the original 7 books of the Town. Researchers are not allowed access to the original books but they are allowed free use of the index cards. The Clerk’s office staff will do genealogical research as time allows with a $4.00 fee per name and event. Send us as much information as you have. Include a copy of your State of Maine Genealogy Researcher Card for information on any records that are less than 100 years old.